Gateway to Tumblr Express!
Summary of the tumblr Famous

As more tumblr people come, more Qoutrusts are coming. In one way they can be a Hightren, in their own way.

Tumblr Famous (or what we call entrepoures, a random polished word) or entrepoures are not Hightrens. They are still entrepoures, the second highest honor.

Week one of Tumblr Express ϟ

We all know what HARRY POTTER is. We made a Tumblr edition, used some things a little bit and done so many stuffs. like, We also do things to keep you active. 

For WEEK ONE of the Express Train, I’m going to mix things a little bit.

First of all, You need to find the 7 words in this elder wand picture. Muggles will be called Qoutrust (Pronounced as couw-traost and the trusted people) and Wizards and Witches with MAGIC of course are called Hightrens (a combined word with diff pronounciations for highly and trained).

Each participant can tell us through tumblr asking the words. The image is:


Winners will be promoted and displayed on the earthboard. <~ (another term for dashboard, cause the dashboard for tumblrians are their world)

7 winners, 7 secrets, 7 words to heal your heart. The more reblogs, the more chances of winning. Likers are invisible to our eyes.

Avada Kedavra! ϟ